Make Your Own Wikispace for Class or for Fun
When doing anything on your wiki, keep in mind that Google is your best friend. It is a great place to locate cartoons to dress things up, fun educational games and safe sites to which you can link for your students to use when they finish their work, content-related games and activities to help spice up your day and your class calendar, and help pages when you realize you just deleted half of your wiki. (Just wait--it will happen to you too, but that's where the history tab and the revert button come in handy.)

Using a Wiki - This page has a short video that explains how wikis work.webpage.gif

Wikispaces - This is the homepage for the website I used to create my wiki. It's simple to create an account and has many help options for helping you create your page.

My Web Wardrobe - This page gives you links to just about any tool you could need to create the perfect wikispace.

Wikispace Accounts for Teachers - If you are a teacher creating a page for your class, go here for a more school-friendly option.

My Wiki Help Page - This page has a list of frequently asked questions for teachers made by a teacher.

Educational Wikis - This page lists tons of educational wikis that may give you ideas for your own.

Wiki Walkthrough - This is the page that helped me create my own wiki and the home of many of the links on this very page.