Alabama College and Career Readiness Standard Implementation
Alex CCRS Page - Alex Page with New Standards and Lots of Resources

Alabama Insight Tool - New Searchable Course of Study Broken Down into Student-Friendly Language and Objectives with Links to Lesson Plan Ideas

Plan 2020 - The Whole Idea Behind the Changes Being Made

Plan 2020 Meeting - Video of State Department Leadership Explaining Plan 2020

ALSDE Page on the new College and Career Ready Standards - This page holds copies of the new courses of study along with general state PR answers about changes being made.

ACT Common-Core Alignment, Implementation, Standards, Teacher Materials, and General Teacher Page - These links provide some insight into the expectations and assessments that come with the new standards.

"Tales from the Meeting" - This is a great article which explains a lot of the changes in frank, non-PR-style language. There are even charts and diagrams that map out what and when things are changing. (I will caution that at the time this was written, there were still some decisions to be made at the state-department level. Some of her questions have since been answered, and the information may be found in the other resource links on this page.)

Achieve the Core - National Website with Answers to the "But Where Do I Start?" Question

iPad TrainingThis is where I will link to any random sites or resources I find. I forget things easily, so it is mainly for me. If it helps others, so much for the better, right?
5 Critical Mistakes Schools Make with iPads - They are wonderfully magical but often terribly misused machines.

The iPad as the Teacher's Pet - Lots of ideas for classroom use

Free Apps for Education - Nice chart with ratings and grade level recommendations

Technology Time-savers for Teachers - Explains the educational uses for several iPad resources

Interesting Ways to Use iPads in the Classroom - PowerPoint-style presentation of apps and how to incorporate them

Edmodo - They see it as educational Facebook.

Socrative - Clickers/Exit Slips done on the iPad

Free Rice - Practice questions for many subject areas--Doing good by doing well

Educreations - A really exciting app for projects -- I can especially see this being used in science and history.

Awesome Stories - Lots of nonfiction selections, searchable and separated into subject categories

Your Next Read - Provides students with book recommendations based on what they have already enjoyed reading

100 Words Every Middle School Student Should Know - Vocab pre-test to give you a starting point for vocab instruction (even individualized)

Zamzar - Turn YouTube videos into files saved on computer to avoid buffering issues.

KB...Konnected - Teacher resource blog I found that I really like (Seriously, go check it out!)

Education World - Links to educational sites for all subject areas

  • iPad Hint - Make technology time a little easier by creating an app-like link to a website. Go to the website in safari-->Touch button next to address bar that looks like a box with an arrow coming out-->Click "Add to Home Screen."

Global Scholar Training

Performance Series - View Global Scholar test results.

ALSDE Certification Info. - Get teacher certificate number for staff ID

Working With Class Reports - Step-by-step guide to interpreting Global Scholar data

Performance Series Placement Indicators - Shows scoring ranges for all quartiles based on subject area and time of year

Global Scholar Dropbox - Info. and Resources

Interpreting Scores and Reports - Powerpoint presentation

Performance Series Overview - Video explanation

Achievement Series - Create assessments for use in the classroom