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Contact me by email at skprice@chilton.k12.al.us.Check out the school webpage for links to other teachers' websites.Check out our class YouTube Channel for CMS Choir and special event videos.Check out our class blog for fabulous reads composed by my wonderful students.

CMS Choir

We've Been Busy!!!Click here to view our hobby projects!
Our end of the year activity was a mini (micro really) research project on hobbies we are interested in taking up. Looking for a new hobby yourself? We've already done the background research for you, so let us help get you started!*Disclaimer: These essays have been written and proofread by real-world seventh graders. That means that the spelling, grammar, and general writing will not be perfect. Please enjoy them with that bit of reality in mind. :)

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Check the class tools page for links to online tools that can help you better understand lessons, work on homework, and study for tests.


Time to Kill?
Check the randomness page for crazy, fun pages and tools everyone should experience at least once.

Looking for our old YouTube Channel? (I may or may not have forgotten the login and had to create a new one...;D)

Read some old essays from the current senior class.


CMS Newspaper
Browse old issues of the CMS newspaper, The Eye of the Tiger.

CMS Scholars Bowl

Resources for scholars bowl students to brush up on their skills so we can win fabulous prizes.

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